Custom Made Swim Plugs for Sensitive Ears

Water exposure to the ear can cause problems for many people especially those who suffer from chronic ear infections or people with conditions such as drainage. Advanced Hearing Solutions offers custom-made swim plugs for long term use that are more reliable and comfortable than standard or silicone ear plugs.

Swimmers Ear and Swim Plugs for High School and College Athletes

Advanced Hearing Solutions can help provide swimmers with custom made swim plugs for sensitive ears in West Virginia

A common use for custom made swim plugs is to prevent or recover from ear infections of the outer ear canal, more commonly known as swimmer’s ear. This type of ear infection occurs when water remains in your ear after activities such as swimming. Custom swim plugs can benefit athletes who swim professionally. Spending extended time in the swimming pool may lead to ear infections such as swimmers ear and can be a reoccurring issue for swimmers.

Advanced Hearing Solutions provides personalized ear molds that can protect ears from moisture and are soft and comfortable and can be customized with your favorite colors.